DEGE indoor PS polystyrene decorative wall panel louvers details:

1. Material: PS, Polystyrene by extrusion modified technique.

2. Features: Close to a soft wood, but no wood-worries, no rot, low maintenance and price; it can be cut, nailed, glued, sanded, caulked, painted, work like wood and price is much cheaper. 3. Advantages: PS recycling material, Eco-friendly, Easy to install, High-strength, lightweight. 4. Usage: For decoration at homes as a flooring accessories, hotels or anywhere needed.

Products Details

3D PS wall panels play a very important role in a modern stylish room. It is used to break up wall space. In interior decoration, PS wall panels are used to cover an exisiting wall to add visual appeal or hide imperfections. We offer a large collection of colors and wood finish such as oak wood, maple wood, cherry wood, walnut wood. Each wood finish series have a different level of staining, such as natural clear stain, golden honey, warm chestnut, nutmeg, merlot, Tuscan coffee. PS wall panels are waterproof, long-lasting, 100% eco-friendly, odorless and without harzardous material, etc.

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