light color 10mm laminate flooring

When you decorate your hpme room, the floor color needs to match your decorating style. Rich color is one of the important advantages of laminate flooring. According to the color, it can be divided into dark, light, brown, red, yellow, white, golden, pink, gray, silver and so on. According to the texture, it can be divided into various wood grains, stone grains, carpet grains, etc. No matter how you choose, there is always a choice of flooring that suits your  home.    

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Packing List
  Size  pcs/ctn  m2/ctn ctns/pallet plts/20'cont ctns/20'cont kg/ctn m2/20'cont kgs/20'cont
1218*198*7mm  10 2.41164  70  20  1400  15  3376.296 21400
1218*198*8mm 10 2.41164 60 20 1200 17.5 2893.97 21600
1218*198*8mm 8 1.929312  70  20  1400  14  2701 20000
1218*198*10mm 9 2.170476 55 20 1100 17.9 2387.5236 20500
1218*198*10mm 7 1.688148 70 20 1400 13.93 2363.4072 20500
1218*198*12mm 8 1.929312 50 20 1000 20 1929.312 20600
1218*198*12mm 6 1.446984  65  20  1300  15  1881  19900
1215*145*8mm 12 2.1141 60 20 1200 15.5 2536 19000
1215*145*10mm 10 1.76175 65 20 1300 14.5 2290.275 19500
1215*145*12mm  10  1.76175  52  20 1040 17.5 1832 18600
810*130*8mm  30  3.159 45  20 900 21 2843.1 19216
810*130*10mm 24 2.5272 45 20 900 21 2274.48 19216
810*130*12mm  20  2.106 45  20 900  21 1895.4 19216
810*150*8mm 30  3.645 40 20 800 24.5 2916 19608
810*150*10mm 24 2.916 40 20 800 24.5 2332.8 19608
810*150*12mm  20  2.43 40 20 800  24.5 1944  19608
810*103*8mm  45  3.75435 32  24  768  27.2  2883 21289.6
810*103*12mm  30  2.5029  32  24  768 26 1922 20368
1220*200*8mm  8 1.952  70  20  1400 14.5 2732 20700
1220*200*12mm 6  1.464  65  20  1300 15 1903 19900
1220*170*12mm  8 1.6592  60  20  1200 17 1991 20800
Color We have several hundreds of color for your choice.
Thickness 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm are available.
Size 1218*198,1218*168,1218*148,1218*128, 810*130,810*148,800*400,1200*400,600*100
Surface treatment More than 20 kinds of surface, such as Embossed, Crystal, EIR, Handscraped, Matt, Glossy, Piano etc.
Edge treatment Square Edge ,Mold press U-groove , 3 strips U grovoe, V-Groove with painting, bevel painting, waxing, padding, press etc. are provided.
Special treatment Press U-groove,Painted V-groove,Waxing, Logo painted on back ,Soundproof EVA/IXPE
Wear Resistance AC1,AC2, AC3,AC4, AC5 standard EN13329
Base materials 770 kg /m³,800 kg /m³, 850 kg /m³ and 880 kgs /m³
Click system Unilin  Double , Arc , Single , Drop ,Valinge
Installation Method Floating
Formaldehyde Emission E1<=1.5mg/L, or E0<=0.5mg/L
China Wood Laminate Floor Color Types: Choose which kind of floor looks good and resistant to dirt, and which kind of floor matches the furniture more harmoniously.It is a professional skill. First of all, we must understand the classification of flooring colors. Generally, flooring colors are divided into three categories, light color, natural color and dark color. 1. Light-colored floor: including white Pine, light gray Oak and light yellow Ash and other visually lighter and lighter colors LAMINATE WOOD FLOORING. The light-colored floor features, the visual feature is soft, will not become a prominent place in the living room or the entire space, not eye-catching, comfortable. 2. natural wood color : refers to the intermediate color between light and dark colors, closer to the color of the wood itself. The original wood floor is visually darker than the light color, and has a relatively original ecological texture, good comfort, and a more versatile color. 3. Dark floor: brown , red,brown and black are relatively dark, such as walnut, red sandalwood and other wooden design. The characteristics of dark floor: Relatively calm temperament, high requirements on the size of the living room space and lighting. How to decide which China laminate floor color suitable to Home? 1. The floor color is determined by daylighting: general daylighting: try to choose light-colored or natural wood color laminate flooring. Light-colored + high-gloss floors will brighten up the environment with poor lighting. As for why the lighting is poor, it is not recommended to use dark floors? Because the dark floor itself is darker in color, and poor lighting, it will aggravate the dark and heavy indoor feeling. 2. The floor color is determined by the area of ​​the living room: light color or natural wood color is selected for the small area, and there is no limit to the choice of large living room, and the dark color is more atmospheric. Note: Why is it recommended that you choose light-colored floors for small apartments? Because the light color is close to the wall and ceiling colors, it can blur each interface and make the space more spacious. Dark floors will compress the space, but are especially suitable for large units. In particular, dark floors with fine texture will make the overall collocation calm and atmospheric, and can suppress the aura. Many large-sized luxury homes prefer dark floors. 3. Determined by the floor height of the house: If the floor height is enough, you can boldly try the dark floor. The floor height is too low and the overall space is depressed. Choosing a light-colored floor will make the space more comfortable. 4. Determined by the decoration style: The general style will determine the choice of floor color. For example, Nordic style and Japanese style decoration can be matched with light or natural wood floors; American, modern or industrial styles can be matched with dark floors. Which China laminate wood floor is more stain resistant The floor color is different, the matching effect is also different, and the degree of stain resistance is also different. So if you are worried about cleaning troubles, choose the right color of the floor 1. In theory, dark floors will be more resistant to dirt. The dark floor is dark in color, so some dirt is less noticeable. However, dark floors are not resistant to dust, that is, dust and footprints are particularly obvious. If one foot is a mold, dust will be particularly obvious. 2. The light-colored floor is not resistant to dirt, and it is easy to see dirt such as hair, but it is resistant to dust. Light-colored floors make it easy to see dark trash or dirt, so they are not resistant to dirt, especially those with severe hair loss. Hair can basically be seen all over the floor. But the dust is not obvious. Choose the appropriate China wood laminate floor colors according to the above-mentioned principles, and choose it after comprehensive consideration of lighting, area, floor height, stain resistance, style, etc.

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