Wpc Decorative lines for All kinds Wall Panel and Sheet

As the Wall Panel and Sheet accessories , Wpc Decorative line is very important . According to the shape and usage, it inlcde Frame line, top line, waist line, and skirting . At the same time, you can make various shapes according to your own preferences. The newest material we use is WPC, waterproof, fireproof and termite, and rich in colors. You can match the most suitable color according to your decoration style. The color can have Wood grain, Pure color (black, white, red, etc.), Cloth grain, Marble Stone grain , Wallpaper pattern, etc.

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B. Aluminum Decorative Molding lines: The aluminum alloy line is a strip profile extruded from pure aluminum and manganese and magnesium alloy elements. 1. Features of aluminum lines: Aluminum alloy lines have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and high rigidity. The surface is treated with anodizing and coloring surface, which has a bright metallic luster, good light resistance and weather resistance. The surface can also be coated with a strong and transparent electrophoretic paint film, which is more beautiful and applicable after coating. 2. Uses of aluminum lines: Aluminum alloy lines can be used for the crimping and closing lines of decorative surfaces, as well as the frame edges of decorative paintings and decorative mirrors. It is used as a border or frame on billboards, light boxes, display boards, and signs, and as a sealing line for some equipment on the wall or ceiling. Aluminum alloy lines are also used in the finishing lines of furniture, the sliding grooves of glass doors, and the finishing lines of carpets. 3. Specifications of aluminum alloy lines: Aluminum alloy lines mainly include angular lines, frame lines, carpet closing lines, etc.
Prouct name: WPC( wood plastic composite ) Decorative  Mould Linw for Wall
Material: Bamboo, Wooden fiber and PVC composition (40% ~ 60% of WPC/PVC)
Type Waist line, skinrting board, decorative line, vertex angle line, etc
Length: Regular 3m or as your requirement
Color Design: Solid color, wood-grain design, leather grain design, marbling design and woven design or customized design
Surface Finishing: Laminated
Features: 1. Fireproof, waterproof, environmental friendly;
2. Easy setting and cleaning, not easily deformed, wear resistant;
3. High intensity, sound insulation, resist erosion, anti aging.
Application: Interior decoration for commercial and residential places
Packaging: PE film or carton (5pcs/bundle)
Delivery time: 20ft: 20-25 days after deposit
40HQ: 25-30 days after deposit
Payment Terms: Paypal, Western Union, T/T, Trade Assurance
Decorative Wall Molding line refer to: waist line, window cover line, top wall line , skirting moulding etc.With the development of society, people's requirements for buildings are increasingly deepened. The facades of buildings are beautiful and beautiful is the design pursuit of architects. How to simply decorate with decorative lines to change the shape and make it look new is inseparable from decorative lines and their decorative products. According to the material, the decorative line are Metal(Aluminum), Wpc, Wood, Mdf, etc. A. Wood Wall Decorative Molding lines 1. The characteristics of ordinary wooden mouldings, The wooden mouldings are made of hard, fine wood, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non-split, smooth cut surface, good processing properties, good paintability, good adhesion, and strong nailing power. , After drying treatment, it is made by mechanical processing or manual processing. The surface of the wooden lines should be smooth, the corners, edges and arcs should be straight and well-defined, and the wooden lines should not be twisted or obliquely bent. Wooden lines can be painted into various colors and natural colors of wood grain, butt joints can be spliced, and curved into various arcs. 2. The use of wood moldings in interior decoration projects are very extensive, mainly in the following aspects: ceiling line-the edge sealing of the junction of different levels on the ceiling, the sealing of the joints of different material surfaces on the ceiling, the ceiling The molding line on the plane, the edge banding of the equipment on the ceiling. Ceiling corner line-sealing edge at the junction of ceiling and wall, ceiling and column. Wall line-edge sealing of the junctions of different levels of surfaces on the wall, sealing of the butt joints of different material surfaces on the wall, wall skirt pressing, skirting board pressing, equipment edge sealing and decorative edges, wall facing material pressing Line, wall decoration molding line. Shaped body, decorative partition wall; closing line and decorative line on the screen. As well as the finishing line on various furniture. 3. There are many varieties of wood moldings, which are divided into hard wood lines, imported foreign wood lines, white wood lines, white wood lines, ash wood lines, mountain camphor wood lines, walnut wood Thread and teak thread etc. From the functional point of view, there are: edge line, column angle line, angle line, corner line, wall waist line, top line, covering line, edge banding line, frame line, etc. From the appearance, there are: semicircular line, right angle line, bevel line, nail line, etc.; from the style, there are: external convex type, internal concave type, convex-concave combined type, grooved type, etc. The specification of the wood thread refers to the maximum width and maximum height. The common length of various wood threads is 2-5m.C. WPC decorative line: WPC moldings are made of wood plastic, which has good abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and insulation. It does not need to be decorated after being processed once and formed. Wood plastic fiber decorative thread has the characteristics of fine processing, exquisite patterns and soft colors. There are several types of plastic decorative lines, such as crimping lines, crimping lines, and edge-sealing lines, and their appearance and specifications are the same as wood moldings. The fixing method of plastic decorative lines is usually fixed with screws or adhesives.

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